Opening times

Opening times

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Our opening times and seasonal information. 






Find out about any closures or notices that may affect your visit


 01 November - 28 February (winter)
 Tuesday - Saturday 09.00 - 16.30
 Sunday - Monday 10.00 - 16.30
 Last admission



 01 March - 31 October (summer)
 Tuesday - Saturday 09.00 - 17.30
 Sunday - Monday 10.00 - 17.30
 Last admission


Further information

  • All internal buildings close 30 minutes after the last admission.
  • The Tower is only closed on 24-26 December (inclusive) and 1 January.
  • The last Yeoman Warder tour starts at 14.30 (winter), 15.30 (summer). 

We recommend visitors allow at least 3 hours to see everything. The Tower becomes very busy during school holidays, including half terms. 

The last Yeoman Warder tour starts at 14.30 (winter), 15.30 (summer). If you require more information on any of the announcements listed or want advice on planning a visit, please contact us directly in the Visitor Services department.

Health and safety advice

  • Our palaces are very old and have many uneven surfaces, for example cobbles, worn steps, uneven steps and slopes. Please choose footwear that is comfortable and appropriate for the conditions.
  • Some surfaces may be slippery, particularly if they are wet from rain.
  • Light levels can be low in some places, so please allow sufficient time for your eyes to adjust, particularly when using stairs.
  • In some of our gardens we have steep slopes and drops from height, so please be aware of these, especially if you have children with you.
  • Where water features are present, please ensure children are supervised at all times.
  • Look out for our safety signs and follow the advice given to avoid spoiling your day.

Downloadable Resources

Some files are provided in PDF format - you will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to view these files.

  1. Click here to download Acrobat Reader
  2. Alternatively, Adobe offers a service for converting PDFs into HTML or plain text. Access this service here

    Tower of London Access Guide
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