Explore and learn about Hillsborough Castle and Gardens

Explore and learn about Hillsborough Castle and Gardens

Coronavirus (Covid-19)

Due to the impact of the Coronavirus pandemic, we have suspended school visits and programmes.

We hope to have school visits return to Hillsborough Castle and Gardens from May 2021.

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Safety and Security

As with many public venues Historic Royal Palaces uses a range security measures to help minimise the possibility of terrorist, or other criminal activity taking place, and these measures also include procedures to deal with incidents should they actually happen. 

Security statement

Photography and Filming

Visitors are welcome to take photographs without flash within Hillsborough Castle. Photographic equipment- such as tripods and selfie sticks- should not be used inside the building. Filming is not permitted within the palace.

Historic Royal Palaces is a safeguarding-aware organisation and takes it's responsibility to protect children and vulnerable people seriously. We may sometimes ask therefore that visitors refrain from filming or photographing other visitors. If you have any concerns about a member of the public taking photos of your school or education group, please speak to a member of staff.

School children take part in a learning activity in the throne room at Hillsborough Castle. They are holding hands in a circle.


We want children, young people and vulnerable adults to have meaningful, enjoyable and safe experiences when they engage with our palaces and stories.