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Online school sessions

Online sessions

If you have any questions, wish to check availability or amend a booking request form you have already submitted please contact the schools team via email at [email protected].

St Thomas's Tower. Reconstruction of the king's bedchamber in the medieval palace as it might have appeared during the reign of King Edward I (1272-1307).

Royal homes through the ages

A call for help from the past leads us on a time travelling journey of discovery. Will we be able to save the King from embarrassment and what will we learn along the way?

Key stage 1
Subject: History, English
Topics: Medieval, Tudors, Victorians
Session Type: Online session

John Blanke pictured in the Westminster Tournament Roll. The Roll depicts the tournament that Henry VIII held to celebrate the birth of his first son, Henry.

An extraordinary Tudor

The session focuses on exploring evidence to uncover hidden stories, hearing from Black trumpeter John Blanke about key moments in his life and learning all about his important role in the court of Henry VIII.

Key stage 2
Subject: History, English
Topics: Tudors
Session Type: Online session


Princess Sophia Duleep Singh selling 'The Suffragette' newspaper outside Hampton Court in April 1913

Equality and influence

This workshop explores the life of Indian Princess and suffragette Sophia Duleep Singh. Follow her journey to become a campaigner of women's right to vote and an advocate for marginalised or underrepresented groups.

Key stage 3
Subject: History, English, Citizenship
 Topics: Women’s Suffrage, Equality
Session Type: Online session


The Tower's Mint

Guarding the production of all the country's precious coins for over 500 years

Tower of London remembers

The First World War centenary commemorations

Yeoman Warders at the Tower of London

The ‘Beefeaters’ have been guarding the Tower since Tudor times