School sessions

Teatime and Toys

In this session, children will be led by a costumed presenter and delight in discovering one of Princess Victoria’s tea parties. 

Key Stage 1
Subject: History
Topic: Victorians
Session Type: Classroom-based

Growing up at Kensington: Queen Victoria

Investigate Queen Victoria's daily routines and personal items.

Key Stage 2
Subject: History
Topic: Victorians, Stuarts
Session Type: Route-based

Primary school students take part in school session at Kensington Palace

The Changing Power of Kings and Queens

Take a trip through time and learn how the English monarchy has changed over the centuries.

Key Stage 2
Subject: History
Topic: Victorians, Georgians
Session Type: Route-based

A Palace Princess (SEND)

Explore the palace in which Queen Victoria spent her childhood, learn about her favourite toys and experience some of the sounds and smells of the time.

SEND (Special Educational Needs and Disabilities)
Subject: History
Topic: Victorians
Session Type: Classroom-based, Route-based