Additional information for your visit

Additional information for your visit

Tickets and entry

  • Kew Palace is inside the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew – how do I visit the palace?

    To reach the palace you need a ticket for The Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew. Once inside the gardens Kew Palace is free to access. Historic Royal Palaces members get a discount on admission tickets to Kew Gardens upon presentation of their membership card.

  • How do I visit Queen Charlotte's Cottage?

    Queen Charlotte’s cottage is located within the grounds of Royal Botanical Gardens, Kew, tickets for which can be found on their website. Opening times for the cottage can be found here. Please note, this is subject to short notice change. 

  • How do I visit the Great Pagoda?

    The Great Pagoda sits within the Royal Botanic Gardens Kew and a gardens admission ticket is required. An additional ticket is needed to climb the Great Pagoda. 

    Historic Royal Palaces members can climb the pagoda for free. Present your membership card at the Kew Gardens gate on entrance to book your time slot. Members also enjoy a 10% discount on Kew Gardens admission.

    The Great Pagoda reopens for pre-booked guided tours from 5 June 2021.

  • I am a member of Historic Royal Palaces – how do I book my visit?

    Members of Historic Royal Palaces need a Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew ticket to access the palace. Members are entitled to a discounted admissions ticket. To validate the discounted rate please bring your Historic Royal Palaces membership card with you and present it to ticketing staff at the ticket kiosks at Kew Gardens.

    Members are entitled to free admission to the Great Pagoda, and will be given the next available time slot on the day by showing their membership card.

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