Additional information for your visit

Additional information for your visit

The palace is inside the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew – how do I get to the palace?

To reach the palace you need a ticket for The Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew. Once inside the gardens you will get free access into the Palace. Historic Royal Palaces members get a discount on admission tickets to Kew Gardens upon presentation of their membership card.

How do I visit Queen Charlotte's Cottage? 

Queen Charlotte's Cottage is located at the opposite end of Kew Gardens, near Lion Gate. It is open 11:00 to 15:50 on weekends and bank holidays from April to September. Entry is included with your Kew Gardens admission.

What is happening with the Great Pagoda, and how do I visit it?

You may notice some activity around the Great Pagoda over the coming months, this is because Historic Royal Palaces is undergoing a major conservation project on the Great Pagoda. It is located on the opposite side of Kew Gardens to the palace, it is near Lion Gate. While the project is underway there will be no public admission into the Great Pagoda, however, you do not have to wait much longer as it will be re-opening to the public in 2018. 

I am a member of Historic Royal Palaces – how do I book my visit?

Members of Historic Royal Palaces also need a Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew ticket to access the palace – but you are entitled to a discount on that ticket, with admission into Kew Palace free of charge. To validate the discounted rate please bring your Historic Royal Palaces membership card with you and present it to ticketing staff at the ticket kiosks at Kew Gardens.

I think I left some property behind, how do I retrieve it?

If you lose something during your visit please contact the nearest member of staff. Alternatively, contact kewpalace@hrp.org.uk and ops@kew.org and we’ll do our best to try to reunite you with your property.

How do I book a Guided Tour?

Hosts are available throughout the palace and can answer any questions you may have. If you are a small group we may be able to provide a pre-booked guided tour, subject to availability. Email kewpalace@hrp.org.uk to discuss your needs. 

Can I take photos in the palace?

You are welcome to take non-commercial photographs (without the use of flash) within the palace in most cases. Some items or imagery may be prohibited from being photographed and this will be clearly signposted, or ask a member of staff if you are unsure. Filming is not permitted within the palace. The use of tripods and selfie-sticks is prohibited. Images of the palace are available for sale from our Photographic Library. Requests for commercial photography, filming or sketching should be made in advance. 

Can I have a wedding photo-shoot or engagement shoot at the palace?

Wedding and engagement photography within Kew Palace is available exclusively to our brides and grooms

What is the dress code at the palace?

There is no specific dress code for visitors to Kew Palace. We do ask that you dress respectfully as families are likely to be present. If there are offensive slogans or other clothing items deemed to be inappropriate you may be approached by a member of staff.

How do I get more information on the displayed collections?

For general information browse History and Stories and Explore. For detailed information relating to the collections on display, email curators@hrp.org.uk