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Tower facilities

Practical information for your visit

Practical information for your visit


Maps are available on site, or you can print before your visit.


Buggies and pushchairs

Parts of the Tower are not pushchair friendly due to the cobbled ground.  Buggies and pushchairs are not permitted in the White Tower.  Please leave them in one of the buggy parks.

Buggy parks

Buggy parks are located in the following areas and are marked on your Tower map:

  • At the entrance to the White Tower under the wooden stairs
  • At Middle Drawbridge.

Baby changing

Baby changing facilities are available in the following areas:

  • Brick Tower ladies toilets, behind the Jewel House
  • Brick Tower accessible toilets, behind the Jewel House (unisex)

First Aid and Lost Children

Instruct children to ask a Yeoman Warder for help if they are lost or in need of First Aid. 


Toilets are available at the following locations: 

  • Brick Tower, behind the Jewel House (male, female, accessible toilets and baby changing facilities)
  • Salt Tower (male toilets)
  • Cradle Tower (female and accessible toilets)

Changing Places toilet

A Changing Places toilet is available on the ground floor lobby of the New Armouries building, next to the café. Access to the toilet is via radar key. A key can be obtained from café staff, to be returned after use.


Free Wi-Fi is available at the Tower. Enjoy unlimited free access to the internet whilst you are visiting us.


For security reasons, we are not able to offer left luggage facilities at the Tower of London and no large bags will be permitted. 

Visit London's left luggage guide

Clothing and footwear

Visits to the Tower will include walking on uneven, cobbled ground. Make sure you wear comfortable clothing and shoes.

Prohibited articles

In the interest of security, visitors are admitted to the Tower on the condition that they may be searched before entering the premises. The following items are strictly banned from the Tower:

  • Weapons, including lock knives or knives with a blade in excess of 3 inches (7.62 cm)
  • Fireworks and smoke bombs
  • Pepper spray or any other articles intended to cause injury
  • Any article which is illegal to possess under UK law

Photography and filming

Visitors are welcome to take photographs within most areas of the Tower of London.

Historic Royal Palaces has a photography policy that applies to media / commercial photography. When taking photographs at our site, you may be approached by our staff and asked about the purposes of your photography or filming. Historic Royal Palaces reserves the right to request you stop your activities if these are believed to be in breach of the policy.

For religious or security reasons, photography is not allowed in the following areas:

The photography of certain, individual items may not be allowed due to loan arrangements. Please ask a member of staff if you’re unsure.

Commercial and media photography

Requests for commercial and media photography, filming and sketching should be made in advance by contacting our Media and PR Team.

Photographic equipment

Equipment such as tripods, monopods, selfie sticks (interiors) and gimbals may not be used at the site unless arrangements have been made in advance with our Media and PR or Conservation teams.

Wedding photography

Wedding photography is exclusive to couples hiring the Tower of London for their wedding day. To find out more about hiring the Tower of London for your event, visit our Hire a Venue page.

Other visitors

We ask that you respect the privacy of our other visitors while taking photographs at our site. Historic Royal Palaces is a safeguarding organisation and takes its responsibility to protect children and vulnerable people seriously. We may sometimes ask therefore that visitors refrain from filming or photographing other visitors.

Read our safeguarding policies and procedures

Health and Safety advice

  • Our palaces are very old and have many uneven surfaces, for example cobbles, worn steps, uneven steps and slopes. Please choose footwear that is comfortable and appropriate for the conditions.
  • Some surfaces may be slippery, particularly if they are wet from rain.
  • Light levels can be low in some places, so please allow sufficient time for your eyes to adjust, particularly when using stairs.
  • In some areas we have steep slopes and drops from height, so please be aware of these, especially if you have children with you.
  • Look out for our safety signs and follow the advice given to avoid spoiling your day.