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The White Tower

Almost a thousand years old, this iconic building is the heart of the Tower

Almost a thousand years old, this iconic building is the heart of the Tower

Britain's most famous castle

Instantly recognisable, the White Tower is the most famous castle keep in the world. It was built to awe, subdue and terrify Londoners, and to deter foreign invaders. It is an iconic symbol of London and Britain.

Along with the rest of the Tower fortress, the White Tower is part of a World Heritage Site. Inside is a unique Romanesque chapel, the beautiful 11th-century Chapel of St John the Evangelist.

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Home of the Royal Armouries

The White Tower showcases the historic and world-class Royal Armouries collections, including the 350-year-old exhibition, Line of Kings, as well as other treasures.

There are many unique and extraordinary arms and and armours on display, including the magnificent royal armours of Henry VIII, Charles I and James II.

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Three suits of armour in cases in the Line of Kings Exhibition in the White Tower of the Tower of London. The two on the left were made for King Henry VIII (as a young boy and as an older man) and the one on the right was made for King Charles I.

Image: The Line of Kings in the White Tower. © Historic Royal Palaces

The White Tower detail, looking south. The focus of this image is on the first floor arches.

Image: The imposing exterior of the White Tower. © Historic Royal Palaces

A large room with dark-brown wood pillars from floor to ceiling coming down one side of the room. A large stone fireplace is positioned against the wall.

Image: The Normal Fireplace in the White Tower. © Historic Royal Palaces

Torture at the Tower

On the top floor of the White Tower you will find an original executioner's block of the 18th century, with an axe that possibly dates back to Tudor times. They were once incorrectly labelled as the implements used to behead Anne Boleyn. However, she was actually executed by sword.

It is now believed that the block and axe were used at the last public beheading on Tower Hill in 1747.

The basement of the White Tower is traditionally thought to be the site of the torture and interrogation of prisoners such as Guy Fawkes and the Jesuit Priest John Gerard.

Armoury in Action

Shoot arrows, assemble firearms and brandish a sword in Armoury in Action - an exciting, hands-on experience in the White Tower.

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Family at Armoury in Action, using interactive elements in the experience.

Image: The Armoury in Action experience at the Tower of London. © Historic Royal Palaces


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Walk the defensive inner battlements and huge towers that have guarded the Tower of London for centuries.

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Bloody Tower

Explore the stories of the Princes in the Tower and Sir Walter Raleigh in the infamous Bloody Tower.

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Audio Guide Tour

Explore deeper with the Tower of London audio guide tour. Discover extra information about the Tower's history, plan your day and find out more about our cafés and shops.

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