Chapel Royal

A captivating chapel in continuous use for over 450 years

A captivating chapel in continuous use for over 450 years


Open Wednesday - Saturday

Ticketing information

The Chapel Royal will be open Wednesdays to Saturdays 10:00-16:30.

Entry to the Chapel Royal is included in your palace admission ticket (members go free).

This is a working chapel which closes for religious services on Sundays and other holy days.

You are welcome to attend a religious service here. You do not require a palace admission ticket to attend a religious service.

Included in palace admission (members go free)

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The history of The Chapel Royal at Hampton Court

Outstandingly rich, colourful and layered with history, the chapel's vaulted ceiling was installed by Henry VIII in the 1530s and is the grand culmination of Tudor opulence at Hampton Court.

In 1710, Queen Anne commissioned Sir Christopher Wren to remodel the interior of the chapel.

The royal family would never sit in the main body of the church. Kings and queens always used a private pew on first-floor level which looks down upon the main body of the chapel.

Today, a single central room, like a box at an opera, is reserved for the monarch.

Catherine Howard and the accusations of adultery

It was here in the chapel, in 1540, that Archbishop Cranmer handed Henry VIII a letter outlining various accusations against the King’s new wife, Catherine Howard.

Catherine was accused of unchaste behaviour before her marriage. Henry VIII had been besotted with his young wife, which is why he turned against her all the more viciously.

Catherine was executed at the Tower of London soon afterwards.

Henry VIII's Crown

An accurate replica of the crown worn by Henry VIII is on display in the Royal Pew of the Chapel Royal, where Henry himself would have sat wearing it.

Please note that while the Royal Pew normally open Wednesday - Saturday, it may close on short notice due to Chapel services. 

View Henry's Crown
A view of King Henry VIII's re-created Crown of State
A high-level view of the Chapel Royal at Hampton Court Palace, looking down over the dark brown choir stalls and chequered floor, along the stone Tudor windows and blue painted vaulted ceiling.

Her Majesty provides this beautiful place of worship and its establishment of a chaplain, a full-time choir and a verger, for all who may wish to attend its services or visit it.

Father Anthony Howe, Chaplain and Deputy Priest in Ordinary

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Religious services at the Chapel Royal

You are welcome to attend a religious service here. You do not require a palace admission ticket to attend a religious service.



More on religious services at the Chapel Royal

Learn more about worship, music and the architecture of the Chapel Royal at Hampton Court Palace on the Chapel's website.

Visit the Chapel Royal website

'Blessed be thou, ful of blysse’: Marian Choral Music

Join us on Sunday, 15 August 2021 for a wonderful programme of music composed in honour of the Virgin Mary in the glorious surroundings of Her Majesty's Chapel Royal in Hampton Court Palace.

This is a rare opportunity to hear the Gentlemen of the Choir in concert, while absorbing the spectacle of the finest surviving Tudor ceiling in England. The concert will include performances of:

  • Byrd: Propers for the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary, from Gradualia (1610)
  • Victoria: Missa Vidi speciosam
  • Andrew Smith: Stond wel, Moder, under rode

The concert at 6pm will be followed by the unique experience of joining a champagne reception (included in the ticket price) in the baroque splendour of Fountain Court, built for William III & Mary II and designed by Sir Christopher Wren. Members of the Chapel Staff and of the Choir will be available to talk and answer questions.

This concert is not included in the Hampton Court Palace ticket. Separate tickets are required for the concert and are available for purchase via Eventbrite. Tickets cost £25 per ticket plus ticket fees. For more information, please contact the Chapel Royal - Hampton Court Palace

A gold and purple recreation of Henry VIII's crown on a grey background
Things to see

Marvel at the sparkling re-creation of Henry VIII's Crown, on display in the Tudor apartments at Hampton Court Palace.


Hampton Court Palace

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The Haunted Gallery at Hampton Court, looking west.
Things to see

Walk Henry VIII’s route from his private apartments to the Chapel and see the infamous Haunted Gallery in the State Apartments.


Hampton Court Palace

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The Tudor Great Hall at Hampton Court Palace, showing the Abraham Tapestries and the room set out for day visitors.
Things to see

Experience the splendour of the Tudor court in Henry VIII's Great Hall, complete with his magnificent tapestries.


Hampton Court Palace

Included in palace admission (members go free)

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