Teacher familiarisation days

About this session

Our familiarisation days are offered free of charge to all teachers who are leading, or thinking of leading, a school visit to Hillsborough Castle and Gardens.

They are specifically designed to assist teachers in their planning and enhance their knowledge and skills ensuring that they lead their visit with confidence.

What's Included

• A guided tour of the house by one of our schools team to help teachers become familiar with Hillsborough Castle and its key stories and characters.

• Familiarisation with locations for practical planning such as toilets, gift shops and session meeting points.

• Guidance on resources and suggestions for pre and post-visit activities for the classroom.

• Practical advice on leading the visit and a chance to ask questions.

• A brief taster session demonstrating the teaching techniques that we use to engage and inspire students and help them to make the most of their visit.

• A chance to meet colleagues from other schools across the sector and enjoy some informal networking.

Booking information

Due to the impact of the Coronavirus pandemic, we have suspended school visits and programmes.

We hope to be able to reinstate the full schools programme from September 2021.

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