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Prepare to be dazzled by this breathtaking collection

Prepare to be dazzled by this breathtaking collection



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This magnificent world-famous collection of 23,578 gemstones boasts items that are still used in royal ceremonies today.

Powerful symbols of the Monarchy

The Crown Jewels, part of the Royal Collection, are the most powerful symbols of the British Monarchy and hold deep religious and cultural significance in our nation’s history. The mystique and beauty of the diamonds and precious jewels in the royal regalia have always held an unparalleled allure to visitors from across the globe. 

Prince of Wales's Investiture Coronet 1969

From February 2020, HRH The Prince of Wales’s Investiture Coronet is on display in the Jewel House for the first time.  The coronet, part of the Royal Collection, has joined the coronets of two other Princes of Wales. 

For the investiture as Prince of Wales at Caernarfon Castle on 1 July 1969, Prince Charles wore the contemporary coronet designed by architect and goldsmith Louis Osman. The coronet is made of gold and platinum and set with diamonds and emeralds with a purple velvet and ermine cap of estate.

Alongside the coronet, the rod used in the 1969 investiture, previously made for the 1911 investiture, is also on display.

Under guard and still in use

You'll find the Crown Jewels under armed guard in the Jewel House at the Tower of London. These gems are a unique working collection of royal regalia and are still regularly used by The Queen for important national ceremonies, such as the State Opening of Parliament. Make sure to look out for the ‘in use’ signs.

The Coronation ceremony

Since 1066, coronation ceremonies have taken place in Westminster Abbey, the great church founded by Edward the Confessor. The displays examine how the royal regalia are used during the ceremony and explore the symbolism of each object. The Crown Jewels were destroyed at the Tower after the Civil War and remade for Charles II’s coronation in 1661. They signify the royal authority to lead and protect the nation.

Royal Collection Trust / © Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II 2017

The Crown Jewels at the Tower

The Crown Jewels have been stored and displayed at the Tower of London since 1661, continuing a long tradition of storing precious objects here.

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Warder holding the Imperial Crown of India

Colonel Blood, the Crown Jewels thief

On the 9th May 1671 Colonel Thomas Blood, a notorious turncoat and fugitive nicknamed ‘The Father of Treasons,’ attempted to steal the Crown Jewels from the Martin Tower within the walls of Tower of London. Listen to Yeoman Warder Darren Hardy tell the fascinating story of how Blood and his companions managed to outwit the Jewel House Keeper in order to snatch the jewels.

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The backs of six soldiers from the Irish Guards are shown whilst walking.
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Marvel at the guards protecting the Crown Jewels. See the sentries posted outside the Jewel House and The Queen’s House.


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A Yeoman Warder gives a tour to a group of visitors outside the chapel of St Peter Ad Vincula at the Tower of London
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