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Historic Royal Palaces blog

Insights and behind the scenes from our palaces

Insights and behind the scenes from our palaces

The Death of Elizabeth of York at the Tower of London

05 July 2024

Tracy Borman delves into the story behind the death of the original Tudor Queen, within the walls of this royal fortress.

Abdullah and 'the Shah Goest': An Asian wild cat and his Indian trainer in 18th-century London

12 July 2024

In October 1759, the London Magazine carried a story about an Asian wild cat arriving with his Indian trainer at the Tower of London, all the way from the palace of the Nawab (Prince) of Bengal in India.

Rare and Historic Northern Irish Plant Varieties at Hillsborough Castle and Gardens

28 June 2024

Northern Ireland is home to a rich variety of rare and historic plants, many of which can be found at Hillsborough Castle and Gardens. Gardens Manager Claire Woods explores the history behind growing these plants and the importance of conserving them for future generations.

Mary, Marchioness of Downshire: A Life in Miniature

07 June 2024

Research and Interpretation Producer Emma Lawthers takes a brief glimpse into the lives of the Mary and the Hill family of Hillsborough Castle, as seen through the lens of a very unique object.

Growing sustainable peas and beans in the Kitchen Garden

30 May 2024

Kitchen Garden and Vine Keeper Hilary Theaker explores the importance of planting peas and beans in Hampton Court's Kitchen Garden.

The Revealing Tale of Queen Victoria's Early Biography

24 May 2024

In 1839, Queen Victoria's engagement to Prince Albert prompted one of the first biographies of the young monarch. But the book's release was a disaster.

Searching for the Young Black Man in the Portrait of William III, Part II

24 May 2024

The next step in our search was to look at sources and pictures on William III's life before he arrived in England, and his first court, to attempt to discover more about this young man, and why he might have been painted with the King.

Searching for the Young Black Man in the Portrait of William III, Part I

17 May 2024

A young Black man dressed in blue and gold holding a helmet stands beside William III in a portrait that is a focal point of our exhibition: Untold Lives: A Palace at Work. Who was he? Where did he live and when? Why is he in the painting with William III? And how can historians unravel the mystery surrounding him?

Imagining Anne Boleyn's Coronation in 1533

10 May 2024

Anne Boleyn's coronation as Henry VIII's Queen Consort took place on Sunday 1 June 1533. Already pregnant with the future Elizabeth I, the new Queen was crowned at Westminster Abbey after staying in newly refurbished apartments at the Tower of London.

Lifting the Royal Curtain

01 May 2024

Photographs of Queen Victoria and Prince Albert – now synonymous with the Victorian age – might appear restrained and unremarkable to modern eyes but behind their rigid poses lies a pioneering sentiment.