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Historic Royal Palaces Podcast

Listen to the stories of the monarchs you know and uncover the lives of the people you don't

Listen to the stories of the monarchs you know and uncover the lives of the people you don't

Historic Royal Palaces Podcast cover with a crown logo in the upper left hand corner and the gold and blue ceiling of the Tudor ceiling at Hampton Court's Chapel Royal

Immerse yourself in the fascinating stories of our six palaces, each with their own unique tale, in the Historic Royal Palaces Podcast. 

Hear from our experts and the people who bring our palaces to life with a new episode once every fortnight. 

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The Wars of The Roses

Step into the stormy world of the Wars of the Roses with our new five-part series.

Curator Charles Farris leads us through this series, to reveal why such a turbulent period of conflict occurred in the 15th century and how it ushered in a new dynasty with the Tudors.

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The Wakefield Tower Throne Room, looking south-west. Showing high arched windows. 

The Wakefield Tower was built by Henry III as royal lodgings between 1220 and 1240 and originally sat at the river’s edge. The vaulted ceiling is a 19th-century reconstruction.

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A reconstruction of a Tudor ensemble detail, c1530s. Showing the bodice of a gold and white gown. The fabric is especially woven to replicate surviving Tudor fabrics.

The Six Tudor Queens with Tracy Borman

Chief Curator Tracy Borman guides us through the well-known lives of the six Tudor Queens of Henry VIII, but not as you've heard them before. 

This six-part series aims to do the Queens justice whilst disputing interpretations that history has offered of them.

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Lucy Worsley photographed on the King's Staircase at Hampton Court Palace

A Space I Love

In this popular series, we explore a selection of treasured spaces in our palaces with the people who know them best, our curators.

With two series now available to listen to, there are lots of opportunities to escape to the past with us.

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Series One Series Two

Outliers podcast

Stories from the edge of history

This historic fiction podcast explores how significant events were viewed and shaped by those who lived in the shadows, created in association with Rusty Quill.

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Outliers podcast cover: illustration of ravens flying over the White Tower with the title 'Outliers. Stories from the edge of History' displayed across the cover