School sessions

Updated 2 July. Following government guidance, the Tower of London will be re-opening from 10 July. Please read our visit information

Schoolchildren during a history session at Hillsborough Castle.

Key Stage 1

Lively, interactive sessions linked to a range of subjects.

Primary school students take part in school session at Kensington Palace

Key Stage 2

Sessions to support an essential visit to the palace.

KS3 group engaged in a school session at Hillsborough Castle.

Key Stage 3

Curriculum-based sessions using primary sources.

KS5 students in an Art and Design Pilot School Session at Hillsborough Castle.


An in depth study day designed for GCSE/Key Stage 4 students.

Secondary school students visit Hampton Court


Browse our range of in-depth study days for A-Level/Key Stage 5.

SEND School Session at the Tower of London

Special Educational Needs and Disabilities

Multi-sensory sessions to bring the Tower of London to life.

The White Tower, looking north-west. The image is focused on two young women visitors in the foreground, happily using digital video guide tour devices.

International schools

Tours and resources specially designed for international students.