Armoury in Action experience

A thousand years of history brought to life with an exciting, hands-on experience.

A thousand years of history brought to life with an exciting, hands-on experience.


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This exhibition is located on the top floor of the White Tower.

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From shooting arrows and brandishing swords, to designing muskets and firing cannons, the Armoury in Action experience at the White Tower brings a thousand years of history to life with an exciting, hands-on experience.

The armoury in the White Tower

The White Tower was constructed under William the Conqueror’s orders. A Norman master mason tells the story of the White Tower, a fortress which has dominated the London skyline for centuries and has become one of the UK’s most prominent landmarks. Here, you will find out more about weapons, combat skills and soldiers through a mixture of historic objects, lively animations, film and interactive displays.

An exciting family experience

A medieval longbowman explains the different types of arrows as you draw back your bow, feeling the strength and training required to shoot this powerful weapon. Find out more about the skill of the armourers at the Tudor court and take special care as you dress Henry VIII for battle.

Henry VIII's original, beautifully ornate armour is on display in the White Tower, some 500 years after it was made. As you will see, the earliest of King Henry's surviving armour was made for him when he was still slim and cut a dashing figure on horseback!

Ready, aim, fire!

Learn how to fire a cannon with an English Civil War artillery captain on a half-sized replica and follow a Napoleonic War training manual while sharpening your sword skills against enemy cabbages. Finally, a Victorian Superintendent of Firearms from the Ordnance Office - where arms are designed and manufactured, invites you to design your own musket and choose which technological developments might improve your results at target practice.

In partnership with the Royal Armouries

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Beefeater teddy bear - teddy bear dressed in the red uniform of the Tower of London Yeoman.

Beefeater teddy bear

This 'Beefeater' bear is splendidly dressed in a Yeoman Warder uniform, standing ready to guard the Tower of London.