Key Stage 2 Tudor trail

About this trail

KS2 | Subjects: English, History, Geography | Topic: Tudors | Session Type: Self-led trail

This activity trail gives children a new way to explore Hampton Court Palace.

Children will use the activity trail to explore the key sights at the palace and to discover its secrets and stories.

The activity trail includes facts about Hampton Court Palace's history, as well as a variety of challenges to help children make the most of their visit.

Learning Objectives

Children will:

  • Develop skills of historical enquiry using Hampton Court Palace as source material.
  • Construct informed responses to historical information.
  • Use historical terminology appropriately.

National Curriculum Links

This session supports:


  • Selecting and organising relevant historical information.
  • Understanding how a site can reflect aspects of national history.


  • Use simple fieldwork and observational skills.


  • Consider and evaluate different viewpoints, attending to and building on the contributions of others.

Booking information

Wednesday, Thursday, Friday (during term time).

Groups must arrive in time for their allocated time slot. Entry slots will be available from 10:15 - 13:45.

You will receive one activity trail per student and we advise that students work in groups of ten with a supervising adult.

£4.10 per pupil, price includes admission

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Session notes for teachers

Key information for your school visit to Hampton Court Palace.

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Trail map preview

Take a look at the trail map ahead of your visit. Printed copies will be available on arrival at the palace.

Download the trail map