Special Educational Needs and Disabilities sessions

A school visitor taking part in a sensory activity in the Tudor kitchens at Hampton Court Palace

The King's kitchen

Students will find out about the workings of Henry VIII's Tudor kitchens at Hampton Court Palace and discover how the great feasts were organised and prepared.

Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND)
Subject: History
Topic: Tudors
Session Type: Route-based and classroom-based

Christmas holly and foliage on the main table in the Great Hall at Hampton Court Palace, surrounded by Tudor tapestries

A royal Christmas celebration

Experience Christmas like the royals! Discover how royalty celebrated at Hampton Court Palace in the past, through games, storytelling and craft. 

Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND) Subjects: History, English 
Topics: Tudors, Stuarts, Victorians
Session type: Seasonal

Detail of Henry VIII stained glass from the west window in The Great Hall

Investigating King Henry MLD

Students will explore the reign and personality of King Henry VIII, using replica objects, and contemporary sources to construct a balanced opinion of the King and his reign.

Moderate learning difficulties (MLD), Key stage 2
Subject: History
Topic: Tudors
Session type: Classroom-based

Tracey Tooley investigating Hampton Court Palace with Tudor figures from history.

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