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Monarchy, Diplomacy & the British Empire

about this session

Key stage 3 | Subject: History | Topic: Victorians | Session Type: Route-based and classroom

Kensington Palace has been home to several influential monarchs over the centuries, such as, Queen Anne and King George II, both of whom played integral roles in the development of the early British Empire.

This session seeks to immerse students in the Palace where many of the important decisions in this development were taken and allows them to stand in the rooms where key meetings happened. In particular, the session focuses on the development of two key areas – Enslavement – and the colonisation of North America.  

  Learning Objectives: 

  • To analyse the impact of key agents of Empire
  • Understanding the importance of diplomacy in overseas relations and the role of audiences with the monarch in this before 1750.
  • Explore the relations between indigenous peoples of North America and West Africa and early British imperial agents. 

National Curriculum Links: 

This session supports:History. 

Ideas, political power, industry and empire: Britain, 1745-1901 

Booking Information


Wednesday - Friday

10:45, 13:00

60 minutes

Up to 35 students

£114 (plus admission)

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