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Online games for schools

Challenge Key Stage 2 students to step back in time and uncover stories of the palaces while developing important skills and having fun.

These games will help students to:

  • Gather facts and evidence
  • Use their knowledge and judgement
  • Achieve a better understanding of people and events in history.
Costumed interpreters dressed as Sergeant of the Cellar, Kitchen Clerk and Master Cook

Undercover Time Explorer: Tudor Kitchens

Go back in time to help plan a feast for Henry VIII. Step into the shoes of a Tudor to avoid being caught as an imposter.

Illustration of John Gerard as he climbs down a rope to the river where a man in a boat awaits him.

Story Shuffle: Tower of London

All of history has been jumbled up. Unscramble the stories of the Tower and find out when in history they took place.


William III and Mary II

England's only joint sovereigns, who transformed Kensington Palace into a royal residence

Henry VIII

Who was the real Henry VIII?

William Kent

Royal artist, architect and designer to Georgian kings