Sponsor a stone website Frequently Asked Questions

Top questions

Useful help and information for using the Sponsor a Stone website.

  • What information is required to purchase a stone?

    To purchase a stone we need billing details of the purchaser including:

    • First Name/Last Name
    • Billing Address
    • Email Marketing opt-in consent
    • Gift Aid declaration (if relevant)
    • Email Address

    You also have the option to enter the names of any sponsor that you wish to gift your stone purchase to. The names entered in the form populate the virtual wall and the sponsorship certificate. 

    Please check that these have been entered correctly before submitting the form as they cannot be amended after payment. 

  • What payment cards do you accept?

    You can make your payment using any major credit and debit cards including VISA, Mastercard, Maestro and American Express.

  • Can I buy a stone and gift to someone else?

    Yes, you can buy a stone and gift to someone else.

    Their name will appear on the certificate but not on the virtual wall.

    In the Sponsor Details section of the form, enter the name of the person that you would like to appear on the certificate of sponsorship in the field 'Enter the name you would like to appear on the certificate of sponsorship'.

    Please check that names have been entered correctly before submitting the form as they cannot be amended after payment.

  • My screen has frozen or is blank when I submit payment

    The card issuer has either rejected or blocked the transaction. 

    You should contact your card issuer (such as your bank) to find out why the transaction has not been successful.

  • I have not received my sponsorship confirmation email?

    Please check in your junk email folder for your confirmation email. If still not located, please contact our Customer Service team.

  • I didn't receive my sponsorship certificate

    Every sponsor will receive a personalised certificate.
    A link to download the certificate is included on the sponsorship confirmation page, displayed right after your online payment has been processed.

    You will also receive a link to download the certificate via the confirmation email. 

  • Where can I find my Stone ID?

    Your stone ID can be found in your confirmation email or as a link on your certificate.

  • I can't find my stone on the virtual wall when entering the Stone ID

    You will need to use the zoom functions on the wall to zoom in further to find your stone. Some of the smaller £10 stones are difficult to spot unless zoomed in significantly.

    Scan the wall carefully to spot your stone, which will be highlighted in green. Once found, you will need to double click on it to see your name. 

  • The website doesn't work on my device or browser

    The website is designed to work on as many devices as possible. If the site doesn't work on the device or browser you are using, please try an alternative device or browser.

    For users of Apple Mac desktops, we recommend using the Google Chrome browser instead of the Safari browser for an optimal experience.

  • Is the donation refundable?

    No, the donation is non-refundable. More information is in our terms and conditions. We are unable to make changes to the stone sponsorship once a certificate has been issued.