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The Royal Mint at the Tower – an interactive exhibition

Coins and Kings: The Royal Mint at the Tower is a permanent exhibition at the Tower of London, exploring the story of the Mint during the years it was based at the Tower, between c1279 and 1812.

How coins changed history

Featuring rare and unique objects from the Royal Mint Museum’s collection, the exhibition tells the story of some of the most famous monarchs who reigned over the Mint and how their coins reflected the power struggles and politics of their time.

Life on Mint Street

Life in the Mint could be hard, but it was often a family business within a tight-knit community. Explore what life was like for the workers of Mint Street through outdoor installations and interactive displays.

Surprising stories

Coins and Kings reveals many surprising stories, including Isaac Newton’s efforts to catch counterfeiters, tales of thievery, ransom and even mysterious illness.

Mint Master: play the game!

Can you manage the Mint for over 500 years in history? Play our new game, ‘Mint Master: Making the King’s coins’ and find out!

Download Mint Master for free on your mobile phone or tablet from the iTunes store, Google Play or Amazon. You can also play the game online (Unity web player required).


In partnership with the Royal Mint Museum

The exhibition was developed in partnership with the Royal Mint Museum, the independent charity and museum which looks after the collection and archives of the Royal Mint.

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