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Evening tour and Ceremony of the Keys

The Ceremony of the Keys is the traditional locking up of the Tower of London each night. Set amidst the mighty battlements of this ancient fortress, it is one of the oldest and most colourful surviving ceremonies of its kind having been enacted every night, without fail, for well over 700 years in much the same form as we know it today.

  • Price: £600+VAT
  • Timings: 20.30 – 22.05
  • Guest numbers: Price includes up to 20 people
  • Additional guests: £30 +VAT per person (up to a maximum of 50 in total)

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The Crown Jewels tours

The Crown Jewels have a special significance within the life of this nation and these tours are designed to help you experience the stories, legends and traditions that surround these magnificent regalia. We offer two exclusive opportunities to view the Crown Jewels outside of visitor opening hours, please find more details below.

Morning Jewel House tour

The Duty Exhibitor will welcome you to the treasury and our warding staff will guide you through the exhibition allowing you to see the Crown Jewels before any other visitors that day! You are welcome to stay and view the myriad of exhibitions throughout the site after the tour.

  • Price: £1,125+VAT
  • Timings: 08.15 – 09.00 (On Sundays & Mondays these tours will start at 09.15)  
  • Guest numbers: Price includes up to 15 people
  • Additional guests: £75 +VAT per person (up to a maximum of 60 in total)

Evening Jewel House package

This stunning package offers the unique opportunity to combine an exclusive viewing of the Crown Jewels with a drinks reception beforehand.

  • Price: £1,650+VAT
  • Timings: 18.30 – 20.00
  • Guest numbers: Price includes up to 15 people
  • Additional guests: £110 +VAT per person (up to a maximum of 80 in total)

Secrets of the Tower: Behind the scenes tour

The Tower of London has a long and colourful history with many secrets to tell.

We are offering an exclusive and rare opportunity to access out of bounds areas that are not open to the public for your chance to uncover the secrets of the tower.

The Yeoman Warder will welcome you and guide you through this tour where you will enter areas including Queens House, St Thomas More Crypt and entering famous prisoner cells. After the tour you will be fast tracked into the Jewel House treasury where you are welcome to stay and explore the remainder of the Tower.

  • Price: £1,200 + VAT
  • Timings: 11.00 – 12.00 (On Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays)
  • Guest numbers: Price is fixed and includes up to 10 people