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Updated 29 May. In line with government guidance, our palaces remain closed. We are working on detailed plans to safely re-open our sites, starting with our outdoor spaces. Thank you for your patience. Read our statement

About this session

EFL/ESOL | Subject: English, History | Topic: Normans, Medieval, Tudors, Stuarts | Session Type: Route-based

This tour has been created using EFL teaching guidelines. It is taught in English and is led by a presenter who is dressed in a historic costume.

During the tour your students will hear some of the exciting stories that have made the Tower an important part of British history and a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Students will follow in the footsteps of English kings and queens, as well as famous prisoners who were imprisoned in the Tower, as they experience history in the places where it happened.

This tour includes time spent outside. Please ask your students to dress appropriately for the weather.

Booking information

Monday - Friday (during UK term time)
10.30, 12.00, 13.30
60 minutes
Up to 35 students
£95 plus admission

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Session notes for teachers

Key information for your school visit to the Tower of London.

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