Key Stage 3 sessions

Updated 5 August. The Tower of London is open Wednesday - Sunday. All outdoor areas of the Tower of London are open, as well as the Crown Jewels, Bloody Tower, White Tower and more. Some buildings remain closed for now. See more details here

Conquest event at the Tower of London

The Norman Tower: 1066 and all that

Explore the White Tower, a magnificent keep, examining its exterior, defences and symbolic power as the great 'Norman fist on Anglo-Saxon soil'.

Key Stage 3 
Subject: History
Topics: Normans 
Session Type: Route-based

Photograph of the White Tower from the front

Applying history at the Tower of London

Use historic artefacts to analyse how we know about the past and question to what extent this evidence can be trusted.

Key Stage 3 
Subject: History 
Normans, Medieval, Tudors 
Session Type:
Object handling

Close-up detail of portcullis (metal bars) on a gateway at the Tower of London.

Richard III: Murderer or misjudged?

It's 1485, two years after the mysterious disappearance of Edward IV's young sons. Question their uncle, Richard III, to discover what happened to them.

Key Stage 3
Subject: History
Topic: Medieval
Session Type: Route-based

Prisoner inscriptions in the Salt Tower

Elizabethan prisoners: Imprisonment, execution and escape

Students will be guided around the Tower to investigate the unique conditions in which Elizabethan religious prisoners lived and died.

Key Stage 3
Subject: History
Topics: Crime and Punishment, Elizabethans, Tudors
Session Type: Route-based

Interior view of the Chapel of St John the Evangelist in the White Tower

Just a castle? World Heritage in its local environment

1000 years of history in a single day! Discover the changing functions and use of the Tower through critical examination of primary source material.

Key Stage 3 
Topics: Normans, Tudors, Historic Environment 
Session Type: Depth study

Religious prisoners: What makes a martyr?

Students will explore real stories of religious oppression and strength in faith.

Key Stage 3
Subject: RE
Topics: Religion, Medieval, Tudors 
Session Type: Route-based

World War I: Espionage

Would you execute a spy? This is the decision faced by the judge in the 1914 trial of the first spy shot at the Tower.

Key Stage 3
Subject: History
Topics: Crime and Punishment, First World War 
Session Type: Classroom-based