Key Stage 3

The White Tower's Norman row of windows on it's south side at the Tower of London

1066 and the Norman Tower of London

Explore the White Tower, a magnificent keep, examining its exterior, defences and symbolic power as the great 'Norman fist on Anglo-Saxon soil'.

Key Stage 3 
Subject: History
Topics: Normans 
Session Type: Route-based

Secondary school students visit Hampton Court

Applying History at the Tower of London

Use historic artefacts to analyse how we know about the past and question to what extent this evidence can be trusted.

Key Stage 3 
Subject: History 
Normans, Medieval, Tudors 
Session Type:
Object handling

Iron spikes descending from a stone arch, a portcullis

Who Killed the Princes in the Tower?

Students will get the chance to put their questions to the king, and try to discover what happened to the two princes.

Key Stage 3
Subject: History
Topic: Medieval
Session Type: Route-based

Imprisonment, execution and escape

Students will be guided around the Tower to investigate the unique conditions in which Elizabethan religious prisoners lived and died.

Key Stage 3
Subject: History
Topics: Crime and Punishment, Elizabethans, Tudors
Session Type: Route-based

Just a castle?

Discover the changing functions and use of the Tower over 1,000 years of history through critical examination of primary source material.

Key Stage 3 
Topics: Normans, Tudors, Historic Environment 
Session Type: Depth study