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The 'By You' Tapestry

Remembering our shared history of the Coronavirus pandemic

Remembering our shared history of the Coronavirus pandemic

Historic Royal Palaces has partnered with Stitches in Time to display a beautiful tapestry that explores daily life during the pandemic.

Discover a tapestry inspired by medieval art

The 'By You' Tapestry is inspired by one of the most famous pieces of medieval art, the Bayeux Tapestry, which tells the story of the Norman Conquest of England in 1066.

Stitches in Time, a local charity based in Tower Hamlets, called upon embroiders from across the world in April 2020 to capture scenes of their lockdown experiences. Historic Royal Palaces has worked with Stitches in Time for over two decades and is proud to partner with them again on this important project.


Welcome Centre (Schools and Communities Space). Located next to the Ticket Office, near the Tower's main entrance. Visitors do not need a ticket to view the tapestry.

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Detail of the 'By You' Tapestry, showing close-up embroidery of colourful animals

About the project

Made up of over 250 pieces, the tapestry has been stitched by 190 embroiders from across the world. The tapestry features scenes from the pandemic you may recognise, from panic buying toilet paper to the vaccination roll out.

Other scenes share the sewers' personal stories and experiences, from as far as Australia, New Zealand, USA, Canada, France and Germany, and on our doorstep in Tower Hamlets. 

Please note art depicted in the tapestry represents the embroiders' personal perspectives on the pandemic and its impact. 

Detail from the The 'By You' Tapestry, on display in a workshop.

A lovely way to bring everyone together through creativity and colour, at such a difficult time.

A sewer reflecting on their experience working on the tapestry

The 'By You' Tapestry, embroidered artwork inspired by the Bayeux Tapestry created by members of the public and charity Stitches in Time.

Remembering Shared History

The pandemic was an unsettling time. Many people experienced isolation and uncertainty. While we all have different memories of the pandemic, it is a shared piece of our history that we can reflect on. By stitching together lockdown memories, we can take the time to heal from the lasting impact of lockdown on our mental well-being.

Through this project, the power of sewing has shown it can bring people together, and provide a space for women, young, and older people to learn new skills, grow in confidence, and improve their mental health.

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