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New Dress on Display in the Jewel House

The Royal Ceremonial Dress Collection is an amazing Designated Collection of 10,000 items of dress, of national and international importance, cared for by Historic Royal Palaces. 

In May 2024, two new items from the collection went on display in the Crown Jewels exhibition at the Tower of London. They were joined by a splendid Jewel House Warden's Uniform.

A red and blue tabard with gold embellishments on display in a museum

Image: Herald's Tabard, c1831, on display in the Crown Jewels exhibition at the Tower of London. © Historic Royal Palaces

Herald's Tabard, c1831

Heralds are members of the royal household who participate in ceremonies such as the State Opening of Parliament and coronations. Their origins can be found in the medieval period when they were experts in heraldry and responsible for announcing and organising tournaments.

Heralds wear special coats called tabards, richly embroidered with royal arms. The new tabard on display in the Jewel House belonged to George H. Rogers-Harrison, a herald at the coronations of William IV in 1831 and Queen Victoria in 1838.

The tabard dates from around 1831. The central escutcheon (shield) represented the link with the Electorate of Hanover, with two lions for Brunswick, a rampant lion for Lüneburg, and a horse for Saxony. The central escutcheon was removed after the accession of Queen Victoria, and the ending of the direct British royal link with the Kingdom of Hanover.

The tabard is made from rich silk of cerise (reddish pink), yellow, and dark blue. The arms are executed in fabulous, raised embroidery in coloured silks and gilt metal thread. The eyes of the heraldic beasts are made from small black glass beads. The ribbons, which appear dark brown, are made from silk and were once almost certainly a vibrant cerise which has degraded over time.

A yellow and white page boy outfit consisting of a jacket with gold embellishments, short trousers and hat, on display in a museum

Image: Page of Honour Outfit, 1911. © Historic Royal Palaces

Page of Honour Outfit, 1911

At the rear of the procession in the Jewel House is a beautiful outfit worn by 10-year-old Gerald Lloyd-Verney, who was a Page of Honour at the coronation of King George V and Queen Mary in 1911. A Page of Honour is a ceremonial position in the royal household that often participates in State occasions. Their duties often include carrying the train of the Queen's dress. Lloyd-Verney would go on to become Page of Honour to King George V himself.

Lloyd-Verney served as an Army officer from 1919 until 1948. During the Second World War, he served mainly with tanks units and formations including a period in Normandy in 1944 in command of the 7th Armoured Division, often known as the 'Desert Rats'. His later appointments included a period as Military Governor of Austria following its occupation by the victorious Allied forces.

The Full Court Dress uniform includes a gorgeous mustard-yellow single-breasted frock coat with silver buttons, a white satin waistcoat with silver lace, and fine white woollen breeches. The outfit was accessorized with a black three-cornered hat with an orange ostrich-feather border. It was worn with a pair of black patent leather shoes with a large gilt buckle and red Morrocco leather lining.

A dark blue uniform consisting of a jacket and top hat, on display in a museum

Image: Jewel House Warden Uniform, 2023. © Historic Royal Palaces

Jewel House Warden's Uniform, 2023

Jewel House Wardens help to protect and care for the Crown Jewels. Their uniform includes a black double-breasted frock coat, with black lapels and red collar and cuffs. The black top hat is bordered with gold and has a gold ribbon and buckle.

This uniform was worn by former Jewel House Warden Daniel Hawkins at the coronation of King Charles III and Queen Camilla in 2023. It is adorned with the current royal cypher on each lapel and the ribbon of the Coronation Medal, which was awarded for his service at the coronation.

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