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Collections and conservation policies

We are storytellers, and we are conservators. We give these palaces continuing life. We welcome people, we stage events. We entertain. This gives us a huge responsibility, not only for the buildings but also for the stories told through the objects that live in them. As part of our Royal Charter we have a responsibility to manage and conserve these buildings, collections and interiors to support our Cause to help everyone explore how monarchs and people have shaped society in some of the greatest palaces ever built. This means that we are continually looking at ways of improving the management of, and information about, the collections under our care. To help us do this we have a set of policies which explain how we manage, develop and care for the collections.

  1. Collection Development Policy, 2014 (including Acquisition and Disposal Policy)
    This helps us to expand and refine collection owned by Historic Royal Palaces. It details how loans are used to supplement the collection in line with the professional standards for collections management.
  2. Collection Information Policy, 2014
    This shows how we record and document the knowledge and information we hold about the our collection. It outlines how we manage, maintain and improve the management of our information in line with professional standards for Collections Management.
  3. Collection Access Policy, 2014
    This explains how we make the collection available to our visitors It sets out how this access and its associated risks will be managed and where possible increased in line with professional standards. It also explains how items are lent and borrowed.
  4. Human Remains Policy, 2014
    This short but important policy details our approach to any Human Remains in the collection, which include hair. It shows how this will be carried out in line with the professional standards for Collections Management.
  5. Collection Care and Conservation Policy, 2014
    This will tell you more about the range of items in our extensive collection and explains how we make the right decisions about how we care for, conserve and manage these precious objects and interiors.