Gender Pay Gap Report 2017/2018


  • The Government requires all Organisations with over 250 staff to calculate and publish the difference in average pay between all men and women in the Organisation. HRP will be publishing our information on the Government website shortly.

  • These calculations show a snapshot of the average organisational position as at 5th April 2018. We have also calculated pay and bonus gaps for each pay range to show a more complete picture. Details are shown in Appendix One.

  • Gender Pay Reporting is not the same as Equal Pay legislation – which requires individuals to be paid equally for doing the same/similar work and work of equal value. A recent independent Equal Pay Audit confirmed that HRP complies with Equal Pay requirements.

Gender Pay Reporting Results

HRP's results are as follows, with the previous years’ results in brackets:

  • Women’s mean hourly rate is 10.36% (8.65%) and median hourly rate is 6.99% (5.63%) lower than men's.
  • Our pay distribution is:
    Top Quartile 49% (45%) men 51% (55%) women
    Upper Middle Quartile 42% (40%) men 58% (60%) women
    Lower Middle Quartile 39% (40%) men 61% (60%) women
    Lower Quartile 29% (33%) men 71% (67%) women
  • Women’s mean bonus pay is 33.4% (33.6%) and median bonus pay is 8.78% (2.34%) lower than men's.
  • 69% (74%) of men and 60% (64%) of women received a bonus payment.
  • Our average hourly pay gap compares with the national gender pay gap of 17.9% (House of Commons Report 2018).
  • The main drivers of our hourly pay and bonus gaps is a larger proportion of men in our highest paid positions (similar to previous year), and a larger proportion of women in our lowest paid roles. (Higher than previous year). The lower proportion of women earning a bonus is due to higher numbers of women in our casual/seasonal roles, which do not attract a bonus. 96.1% of men and 96.8% of women who occupy roles that qualify for a bonus received a bonus.
  • The average pay and bonus gaps within our pay ranges are shown in Appendix One. Where there are pay gaps these are mainly due to differences in length of service and/or role related Allowances. Where there are bonus gaps these are mainly due to a greater proportion of women working part-time and with shorter service, and thus earning a relatively smaller bonus.


Although our average pay gap is below the national gender pay gap of 17.9%, our aim is to have no gap at all. We will therefore continue to take action to :

  • improve the gender balance in the Executive Team. An additional female Director was recruited in August '18.
  • support female talent to progress within the organisation.
  • in future recruitment to improve gender diversity in roles which may be perceived as generally 'masculine' or 'feminine' (i.e security/warding roles which are generally dominated by men, and seasonal/casual roles which are generally dominated by women.)