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Historic Royal Palaces blog

Insights and behind the scenes from our palaces

Insights and behind the scenes from our palaces

Preparing the Peace

April 10, 2023

Reflecting on Hillsborough Castle’s political role, 25 years on from the Good Friday Agreement.

Wren's Royal Palace

March 8, 2023

Head of Historic Buildings Daniel Jackson looks at one of Sir Christopher Wren's most famous and problematic projects: the remodelling of Hampton Court Palace.

What to see at Spring Spectacular 2023

March 1, 2023

How our gardens team created a planting scheme for over half a million bulbs, and how to create a mini Spring Spectacular in your own outdoor space.

Frances Stuart and Barbara Villiers

February 10, 2023

Learn about the relationship between Frances Stuart and Barbara Villiers, two of the most influential women at the court of King Charles II.

The Weird and Wonderful Medicines of Henry VIII

January 12, 2023

Henry VIII is one of England’s most famous monarchs, but lesser known are his numerous medical problems and the often-extraordinary remedies which he used to treat them.

Elizabeth I’s coronation procession from the Tower of London

November 17, 2022

Curator Charles Farris recalls Elizabeth’s dramatic procession from the Tower of London to Westminster the day before her coronation.

The Tragic Story of Lady Katherine Grey

November 8, 2022

Chief Curator Tracy Borman takes a look at the life of Katherine Grey, who like her sister, Lady Jane Grey, was imprisoned at the Tower of London.

The New Constable of the Tower of London

October 4, 2022

General Sir Gordon Messenger became the 161st Constable of the Tower of London in August 2022, succeeding General The Lord Nicholas Houghton. The role of the Constable is the most senior appointment at the Tower of London and dates back to the time of William the Conqueror and the Norman Conquest.

The Commonwealth Games

August 1, 2022

Our resident correspondent (and occasional curator) Brett Dolman* looks briefly into the history of the Commonwealth Games and imagines Henry VIII’s forgotten cricketing disaster at Hampton Court.

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