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Historic Royal Palaces blog

Insights and behind the scenes from our palaces

Insights and behind the scenes from our palaces

The King's 'Malady': George III's Mental Illness Explored

22 March 2024

George III had four prolonged periods of illness during his reign. Despite his achievements, he is perhaps most commonly referred to as ‘The Mad King’ – an unhelpful phrase that undermines the extent of his deeply traumatic ailments, and ignores his physical symptoms.

Behind the scenes of Mind Behind the Myth with Daniel Regan

19 August 2021

Freelance photographic artist and group facilitator Daniel Regan reflects on his experience on the George III: Mind Behind the Myth project, and shares photographs of the time they spent working together.

George III: The Mind Behind the Myth exhibition highlights

14 May 2021

In the George III, The Mind Behind the Myth exhibition, we explore George III’s treatment for his ‘madness’ which took place at Kew, in 1789, 1801 and 1804. We have also included objects which tell us something of his passion and interests, and in so doing we have tried to show something of the real person as well as the ‘madness’.

A tour of Kew's Kitchen Garden

10 September 2019

Like Kew Palace and the Royal Kitchens, the Kitchen Garden is open seasonally to visitors, from April to October. But work in the garden continues all year round. Let's take a tour...

An American visitor to Kew Palace in 1753

04 July 2019

In the summer of 1753, it must have been with apprehension and excitement that the Pinckney family from South Carolina awaited an audience at the White House, Kew with Princess Augusta, Princess Dowager of Wales, the mother of the future King George III.

18th-century satire: displaying political cartoons at Kew Palace

10 June 2019

In the early 18th century there was in Britain an amazing freedom of the press. More newspapers were being printed than ever before. Cartoons and caricatures could be cheaply produced and easily distributed, and this led to a golden age of political satire.

Kew the Music: George III and Queen Charlotte's Instruments

15 June 2017

The reign of George III and Queen Charlotte saw a flourishing of arts and culture in Britain. The country's prospering cultural scene was undoubtedly encouraged by the royal couple's personal love of the arts.

Introducing: Queen Caroline of Ansbach

29 April 2014

Let me introduce you to Queen Caroline of Ansbach, the wife of King George II. She has escaped the attention of historians, but in my opinion, this is a very great shame – I find her an absolutely fascinating woman.