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A Victorian wedding party

about this session

Key stage 1 | Areas of Learning: The World Around Us, Numeracy, Talking and Listening, Working with Others | Topic: Victorian, Celebration | Session type: Route-based

In this interactive session, explore how rich and poor in Victorian Ireland would have celebrated important events, as you help a member of the Hill family prepare for a fashionable society wedding.

Pupils will meet a costumed presenter portraying a member of the Hill family on the eve of the wedding of the year! Pupils will assist in preparations for the big day and learn about suitable entertainment, food, and gifts.

Examining replica artefacts in the dining room will help pupils compare and contrast the experiences of rich and poor in Victorian times. They’ll learn a fashionable dance of the day and uncover the symbolism of flowers as they suggest what should be included in the wedding bouquet.

Learning objectives

Children will:

• Learn that Hillsborough Castle is a home with close links to the community.
• Learn that rich and poor people lived differently in Victorian times but enjoyed many similar things.
• Learn what food, dances and style were fashionable at the time.
• Use their discoveries to draw comparisons between their own lives and the lives of people in the past.

National Curriculum links

This session supports:

• Children to explore how people and places have changed over time.
• Exploring an historical building.
• Development of historical enquiry skills.
• Development of speaking and listening skills and asking perceptive questions.
• Exploration of shape and pattern in the environment.
• Children to understand that symbols can be used to represent other things. 
• Follow verbal instructions to undertake tasks, including matching patterns in an historic environment.

Booking Information

Mondays*, Tuesdays and Wednesdays (*until the end of December 2024)
10.30, 11.45, 13.00

60 minutes

Up to 32 children


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