Primary school sessions

Update 27 November: We are closed from 27 November to 02 December inclusive. The gardens will now reopen on Thursday 03 December in line with updated guidance from the Northern Ireland Executive.

Primary school students listen to a costumed presenter during a school session at Hillsborough Castle and Gardens

A Victorian wedding party

Explore how rich and poor in Victorian Ireland would have celebrated important events.

Key Stage 1
Areas of Learning: The World Around Us, Numeracy
Topic: Victorians
Session Type: Route-based

Schoolchildren during a history session at Hillsborough Castle.

Power and politics

Explore the State Rooms and investigate the idea of power, where it comes from, and how it is symbolised. 

Key Stage 2 
The World Around Us, Personal Development & Mutual Understanding 
Conflict & Resolution, Georgians 
Session Type: 

Key Stage 2 students listen to a costumed presenter at Hillsborough Castle and Gardens.

Apply within: Victorian servants

Uncover the different roles of servants, and the hierarchy between them through an exploration of the State Rooms and drama activities.

Key Stage 2
Subject: The World Around Us, Numeracy, Language & Literacy
Topic: Victorians
Session Type: Route-based