Secondary school sessions

KS3 group engaged in a Geography school session in the gardens at Hillsborough Castle.

Presenting the past

Hillsborough Castle requires conservation but also needs to be open and accessible for all to share in its future.  How would you balance, the sometimes conflicting, demands on the site? What stories would you tell?  

Key stage 3
Subject: History, Language and Literacy 
Preservation and conservation of a local site 
Session type: 

Politics, power and the path to peace

Hillsborough Castle has been a place inextricably linked to the politics of the day since it was built in Georgian times.  Uncover the pivotal role it has played in modern Northern Irish history.

Key stage 4 and key stage 5
Subject: Politics, History
Topic: Government and Politics of Northern Ireland
Session type: Route-based and classroom-based

KS5 students in an Art and Design Pilot School Session at Hillsborough Castle.

Textiles, patterns & design

Explore Hillsborough Castle's collection of art and objects to gather inspiration for students to create their own historically-inspired textile designs.

Key stage 4 and key stage 5
Subject: Art and Design 
Printmaking, Surface Design, Textiles 
Session type: Route-based and classroom-based

KS3 group engaged in a Geography school session in the gardens at Hillsborough Castle.

Surveying biodiversity at Hillsborough Castle and Gardens

Uncover semi-natural, natural and made habitats in the Gardens. Learn to use a range of survey equipment to collect, record and compare the results. Please note that this session does not include access to the house.

Key stage 3
Subject: Science, Geography
Topic: Biodiversity, Fieldwork
Session type: Gardens-based