Surveying biodiversity at Hillsborough Castle and Gardens

About this session

Key stage 3 | Areas of learning: Science, Geography | Topic: Biodiversity, Fieldwork | Session Type: Gardens-based

How biodiverse are the gardens of Hillsborough Castle? How does the biodiversity of a manmade habitat compare to that of a natural one?

Students will explore aspects of Hillsborough Castle's gardens as they uncover semi-natural, natural and manmade habitats. They will then work together to use a range of survey equipment to collect and record data from two different habitats in the gardens, compare the results, and consider the reasons for any differences or similarities.

Please note that this session does not include access to the house, but takes place entirely in the gardens at Hillsborough Castle.

Learning objectives

Students will:

• Learn how to use a range of survey equipment.
• Learn how to conduct a fair test and why it is important.
• Compare and contrast two different habitats, analysing reasons for their areas of similarity and difference.
• Learn about biodiversity.

National Curriculum links

This session supports:

• Development of enquiry and fieldwork skills using quadrats, keys, anemometers and thermometers.
• Exploration of environmental stewardship and biodiversity.
• Working effectively with others.

Booking information

Thursdays only
10.30, 13:00
90 minutes
Up to 30 students

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