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Recipes from the past

Cook along with our food historians to recreate delicious Tudor and Georgian recipes. Learn more about the history of royal food.


'Tarte Owte of Lente'

A good Tudor cheese tart, the name derives from the fact that it contains all the things you're not allowed to eat during lent - cheese, cream and eggs, cooked in a light pastry case! If you like a strong cheese taste, then this is the dish for you.

'Fylettys en Galentyne' Roast Pork and Onion Gravy

This dish is roast pork stewed in a rich caramelised onion gravy - the trick to this is long slow cooking. In Tudor times, it was costly to roast meat due to the amount of wood required to keep the fires burning. So this stew was a way to use up leftovers make the most of the delicious flavours of roasted meat.


Georgian Hot Chocolate

In the 18th century, chocolate was as popular at court as it is today. This recipe for a hot chocolate is from the Cook and Confectioner’s Dictionary by John Nott, 1723, made by our expert History Chefs at Hampton Court Palace.

Chocolate tart

A rich, chocolate custard tart, based on an authentic Georgian recipe. This was one of the dishes served to King George III on 6 February 1789, the day he was well enough to eat with a knife and fork once again after one of his well known periods of illness.

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Henry VIII’s kitchens at Hampton Court

Henry VIII's food factory, preparing up to 1,000 meals a day

Chocolate fit for a king

Where royal chocolate makers prepared this expensive delicacy

The royal kitchens at Kew

The kitchens have survived, practically untouched