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1000 years of history

Resources you can edit

Resources you can edit

Covering key parts of the curriculum

Download editable family trees, timelines, biographies and key facts for Key Stage 2, Key Stage 3, Key Stage 4 and Key Stage 5. 

Use activities and historic sources to explore areas of the curriculum including: 

  • The Normans 
  • The Wars of the Roses 
  • The Tudors 
  • The Stuarts 
  • The Georgians and Victorians. 

Ready to edit and accessible

  • Editable PowerPoint files ready to adapt.
  • Background notes included under the slide.
  • Accessible PDF files to allow easy size adjustment and compatibility with Adobe screen reader.

The Normans

Preview image of learning resource

Discover the lives of the Norman people who lived and worked near the Tower of London.

Biographies and Key Facts Castles Map Timeline

Wars of the Roses

Unravel the power struggles between the Houses of York and Lancaster.

Biographies and Key Facts Richard III & the Two Princes Family Tree Timeline
Preview image of learning resource

The Tudors

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Dive into the world of Tudor Kings and Queens and learn about their lives at Hampton Court Palace and the Tower of London. 

Biographies and Key Facts Henry's Queens Family Tree Timeline

The Stuarts

Explore the reigns of the Stuart monarchs as they grappled with power and politics including the Restoration and the Glorious Revolution. 

Biographies and Key Facts Family Tree Timeline
Preview image of learning resource

Georgians to Victorians

Preview image of learning resource

Delve into the lives and times of the Georgian and Victorian monarchs and learn about their time spent at Kensington Palace and Hampton Court Palace. 

Biographies and key facts Family Tree

Historic enquiry

These resources support historic enquiry, using portraits as historical sources. They contain enquiry questions for students plus background notes for teachers.

Inclusive History

We aim to make resources that are inclusive of gender, ethnicity, disability and social background. We want to support teachers to challenge problematic narratives of people in the past.