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Llanishen High School

Llanishen High School, Cardiff

Llanishen High School’s design reflects the school ethos of inclusion by using the flags and national flowers of the UK’s four nations. As hearing-impaired students, the children felt this was important to be reflected throughout the whole design. As part of their research, they learned about renewable energy and organic farming as these are both areas King Charles has campaigned for. The sides represent King Charles’ passion for the environment as well as education, and illustrate the students’ belief that learning and creativity can lead to a better and greener world. The Union Jack surrounds the King’s cypher on the back as a symbol of the new era.

This bench was brought to life in collaboration with artist Tim Sutcliffe – an artist, illustrator and designer based in Bristol. This design was voted for by the Yeoman Warders.

the winning design

This design was the Yeoman Warders' favourite. They loved the vivid colours and the beautiful design combining the four flags of the UK.

Tower of London Schools Coronation Competition Judges

the bench at the tower

Coronation Benches at The Tower of London


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