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St Mary's College

St Mary's College, Hull

As Design and Technology students, the pupils who designed this bench chose to highlight the value of skills such as art, music, electronics, writing, computing and dance. They also wanted to highlight how being creative can help manage stress and anxiety. The bench design promotes the importance of having access to creative skills to help develop a country of talented people, to provide opportunities for all and to help with mental wellbeing. The design recognises that anyone can learn a skill if given the opportunity and, as the bench says, that ‘skills are for life’.

This bench was brought to life in collaboration with artist Sumit Sarkar – a digital/analogue sculptor and painter.

the winning design

A really original, beautifully illustrated and meaningful concept with a clear message. It was lovely to see the creative industries valued and the panel felt it reflected the King’s personal interest in championing young people.

Tower of London Schools Coronation Competition Judges

the bench at the tower

Coronation Benches at the Tower of London for the Tower of London Schools Coronation Competition


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