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Walk the walls at the Tower

The huge stone encirclement that forms the Tower’s walls have protected kings and queens since Henry III’s refortifications in the mid-13th century. Take the Wall Walk to explore the Medieval Palace and seven huge towers: the Salt, Broad Arrow, Constable, Martin, 'Royal Beasts', Bowyer and Flint Tower.

Along the way, you’ll discover the Tower’s many different uses from Medieval times through to the 20th century; a royal residence, home of the Crown Jewels, a zoo, and above all else, a fortress.

The huge stone encirclement that forms the Tower’s walls has protected kings and queens since Henry III’s fortifications in the mid-13th century.

Walk the walls at the Tower to explore the Medieval Palace and seven huge towers: the Salt, Broad Arrow, Constable, Martin, 'Royal Beasts', Bowyer and Flint Tower. Along the way, you’ll discover the Tower’s many different purposes from Medieval times, right through to the 20th century. The Tower was once used as a royal residence and has even played host to a zoo, but above all else, it has served as a mighty fortress and is the current protector of the Crown Jewels.

South Battlements

Medieval Palace

The luxurious Medieval Palace contains recreations of fabulous interiors used by medieval kings and queens during their visits to their most important fortress.

St. Thomas’s Tower

St. Thomas’s Tower was built by Edward I in the late 1270s. He used this room to meet important visitors and conduct business in front of the huge fireplace.

Wakefield Tower

Built by Edward's father Henry III, the Wakefield Tower was completed some 40 years earlier than St. Thomas's Tower. Explore the room that was probably Henry's council chamber and marvel at his meticulously reconstructed his throne.

Lanthorn Tower

Discover rare objects dating back to the time of Henry III and Edward I.

Salt Tower

Scratched into the walls of this tower you’ll find graffiti left by prisoners almost 500 years ago. This tower originally overlooked the Thames, and in times of trouble, archers on the ground floor were able to protect it by shooting through the five arrow loops. During peaceful times the room was a storehouse.

East Battlements

Broad Arrow Tower

From the 14th century, the Broad Arrow Tower was connected to the government department responsible for royal supplies – the Wardrobe. Today, the Broad Arrow Tower has been re-presented as a guard tower, its original use. Wield a crossbow and find out how the medieval garrison would have defended this section of the inner curtain wall at this interactive exhibition.

Fighting Platform

This addition to the East Battlements recreates the atmosphere of a fortress in operation, where the garrison would have assembled in case of attack. Hear the sounds of the garrison at peace and at war, under cover of the wooden roof that would have protected them.

Constable Tower

Security breached! Tower raided! Here you can explore the remarkable story of the only time the defences of the fortress were ever breached – the Peasants’ Revolt of 1381.

Martin Tower

These days, the Crown Jewels are kept in the Waterloo Barracks, but from 1669 until 1841 they were kept in the Martin Tower. Today, this tower houses the Crowns and Diamonds exhibition which tells the story of the English royal crowns.

North Battlements

Royal Beasts

For 600 years, wild and exotic animals were kept at the Tower of London. Discover why they were imprisoned and what their life was like in the Tower at Royal Beasts.

Bowyer Tower

Discover the story of the Duke of Wellington – war hero, prime minister and Constable of the Tower of London.

Flint Tower

In the 20th century, the Tower continued to play an important defensive role for Britain. Hear the story of how this ancient fortress continued to play its part in a modern-day war.

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Join an expert warden on one of our White Tower tours. Explore the beautiful Chapel of St John the Evangelist and hear tales of famous old residents at the Tower.

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Raven soft toy

Winston is the oldest and wisest of the Raven family. A slightly pompous professor, he takes his work very seriously, educating children about the Tower of London and trying to keep the rest of the ravens in line! Dressed in his Yeoman Warder costume, this cuddly Winston the Raven can leave the Tower of London!