The Normans

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GCSE | Subject: History | Topics: Normans| Session Type: Depth Study

Charting the arrival and influence of the Normans in England, this session focuses on William the Conqueror's mighty fortress: the White Tower. Students will examine the Tower buildings and documentary evidence to consider the roles and importance of the White Tower in Norman England.

The workshop includes a short lecture and a subject specific tour of the Tower of London.

Exam board links

This session has been designed to complement the study of the Norman period, and particularly the following exam boards:

  • AQA Paper 2: Shaping the Nation, Section B: Norman England, c1066-c1100
  • Edexcel Paper 2: Period study and British depth study B1: Anglo-Saxon and Norman England, c1060–88
  • OCR B Component group 1 British Depth study The Norman Conquest, 1065–1087

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Monday, Tuesday
10.30, 13.00
90 minutes
Up to 35 pupils

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