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Key stage 1 sessions

KS1 schoolchildren on a visit to the Tower of London.

Fire! Fire!

It's 1666. Fire is approaching the Tower of London's doorstep... and the Tower is filled with gunpowder. Find out how the Great Fire of London took hold and what happened next.

Key stage 1
Subject: History
Topic: Great Fire of London
Session Type: Route-based

KS1 schoolchildren on a visit to the Tower of London.

Knights and Castles

Discover how the Tower of London was built and the clever features that make it a good fortress. See if you have what it takes to become a knight.

Key stage 1
Subject: History
Topics: Castles, Normans, Medieval
Session Type: Route-based

Close-up detail of portcullis (metal bars) on a gateway at the Tower of London.

Gunpowder plot

Remember, remember the 5th of November! It is 1605 and a plot to blow up the Houses of Parliament has just been uncovered. The plotters have been brought to the Tower for questioning, but they refuse to tell the guard who else is involved...

Key stage 1
Subject: History
Topic: Stuarts, Gunpowder Plot
Session Type: Route-based

Two actors dressed as Bishop Gundulf and a detective as part of the schools video 'The Scoop: White Tower Report' about the Normans and the building of the White Tower and its political, cultural, religious, and military impact on London. The films are available on HRP YouTube.

Learning resources

Looking for resources to use in the classroom with your students?

Browse all of our curriculum-based learning resources covering 1000 years of history, including the Tudors, Georgians and Victorians.

You'll find resources for Key Stage 1, Key Stage 2, Key Stage 3, Key Stage 4, Key Stage 5 and SEND.


  • Tours and talks

Audio Guide Tour

Explore deeper with the Tower of London audio guide tour. Discover extra information about the Tower's history, plan your day and find out more about our cafés and shops.

  • Available
  • Tower of London
  • Separate ticket
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  • For members
  • Events

Members-Only Ceremony of the Keys

Members-only access to the traditional locking up of the Tower of London, the Ceremony of the Keys.

  • 16 June, 14 July, 18 August and 08 September 2024
  • 21:30
  • Tower of London
  • Separate ticket (advance booking required)
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  • Things to see

Gun salute

See special commemorative firings at the Tower of London on the Gun Park located on the Wharf.

  • Selected dates
  • Tower of London
  • Free
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Anne Boleyn

How did Anne Boleyn become queen and why did Henry VIII execute her?

Lady Jane Grey

Known as the ‘Nine Day Queen’, Lady Jane had the shortest reign in British history

Catalina of Motril

A Tudor servant with one of English history’s greatest secrets

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Legend has it that if the six ravens ever leave the Tower of London, the Tower and the kingdom will fall. These products have been inspired by the Ravens that live at the Tower of London.

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The story of the Tower of London

Explore the stories that come from the historic home of royal power in England - the Tower of London.