Self-led school visits

Take your students on an adventure when you visit the palaces. Our free teacher guides are designed to help you plan and make the most of your visit. The guides provide all of the information needed to support students on a self-led school visit.

Remember to pick up your trails and teacher packs from the Welcome Centre when you arrive on the day of your visit.

KS1 school children on a visit to the Tower of London.

Key stage 1 Palace, prison, fortress trails

Explore the key sights of the Tower and discover its stories as a palace, prison and fortress.

Key stage 1
Subject: History
Topic: Castles, Normans, Medieval, Tudors
Session Type: Self-led visit

KS1 schoolchildren on a visit to the Tower of London.

Key stage 2 Palace, prison, fortress trails

The Tower's three main roles during its 900-year history were as a palace, a prison and a fortress. This self-guided trail explores the stories, secrets and some surprises of the Tower.

Key stage 2
Subject: History
Topic: Normans, Medieval, Tudors, Crime and Punishment
Session Type: Self-led visit

School students visiting the Tower of London for a school session.

Key stage 3 Gory Story trail

Covering 950 years of the Tower’s history, including stories from the Medieval and Tudor periods, this trail explores the Tower’s different roles as fortress, palace, prison and much more.

Key stage 3
Subject: History
Topic: Castles, Crime and Punishment, Medieval, Tudors
Session Type: Self-led visit

School students visiting the Tower of London for a school session.

GCSE Normans trail

Students will explore King William I’s mighty fortress, the White Tower and develop their historical argument skills by testing a contentious proposition: ‘The Norman Conquest was a good thing for the Anglo-Saxons’.

Key Stage 4
Subject: History
Topic: Normans
Session Type: Self-led visit

Close up of a sign showing the way to the Bloody Tower, November 2009.

International schools activity trail

This activity trail gives international students a fun way to explore the key sights at the Tower of London and to discover its fascinating history, secrets and stories.

Available languages: English as a foreign language, French, German
Topic: Normans, Medieval, Tudors, Crown Jewels, Modern Day
Session Type: Self-led visit

School sessions

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