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Historic Royal Palaces blog

Insights and behind the scenes from our palaces

Insights and behind the scenes from our palaces

The Revealing Tale of Queen Victoria's Early Biography

24 May 2024

In 1839, Queen Victoria's engagement to Prince Albert prompted one of the first biographies of the young monarch. But the book's release was a disaster.

George III: The Mind Behind the Myth exhibition highlights

14 May 2021

In the George III, The Mind Behind the Myth exhibition, we explore George III’s treatment for his ‘madness’ which took place at Kew, in 1789, 1801 and 1804. We have also included objects which tell us something of his passion and interests, and in so doing we have tried to show something of the real person as well as the ‘madness’.

Caroline of Ansbach: The Brainiest Princess

03 October 2017

George Augustus of Hanover and his wife, Caroline of Ansbach arrived in London in 1714, in the train of the new king, George I, George Augustus's father.

A closer look: "A Bugaboo!", a political cartoon by Richard Newton from 1792

08 November 2016

This month, I’m liking a political cartoon by Richard Newton - the angriest and the youngest of all of the known satirical artists.

Let Them Glow: Lighting Kensington Palace

14 July 2016

At Kensington Palace the curators have been busy thinking of the long term presentation of the King’s State Apartments. One of the questions that emerged during the 2014 restoration of the State Apartments was, how were the State Apartments actually experienced back in the 18th century?

Don't forget about the Georgian Frederick Louis, Prince of Wales

07 May 2014

If you know anything about Frederick Louis, Prince of Wales, it will probably be the story of the 'Midnight Flit' from Hampton Court Palace. When his wife Augusta was in the throes of labour with their first child, Frederick bundled her into a carriage in the middle of the night.

Introducing: Queen Caroline of Ansbach

29 April 2014

Let me introduce you to Queen Caroline of Ansbach, the wife of King George II. She has escaped the attention of historians, but in my opinion, this is a very great shame – I find her an absolutely fascinating woman.