Key Stage 1 Sessions

Photograph of the Tudor Kitchens owned by the Historic Royal Palaces Image Library

Palace Patterns

Meet a member of the Tudor household and solve a real life Tudor maths problem!

Key Stage 1
Subject: Maths, History, English
Topic: Tudors
Session Type: Route-based, Classroom-based

The Kitchen Garden looking south east

Established in the late 17th century, the Kitchen Garden at Hampton Court produced vast amounts of fruit and vegetables for the royal table. Today, the garden has been re-created to its 18th century heyday, using the planting pattern laid down by the palace’s Georgian gardeners.

Royal Gardens

Walk through the history of Kings and Queens as you explore the Royal Gardens of Hampton Court Palace.

Key Stage 1
Subject: History, Geography, Science, Art & Design
Topic: Tudors, Stuarts, Georgians
Session Type: Route-based

The Chapel Royal ceiling. Detail showing carved and gilded gold pendants.

A Royal Tudor Christening

The palace is a hive of activity as servants and courtiers prepare for a celebrated event.

Key Stage 1
Subject: History, English
Topic: Tudors
Session Type: Route-based, Classroom-based

Tudor Times

Take a trip through time at Hampton Court Palace as you learn how the English monarchy has changed over the centuries.

Key Stage 1
Subject: History, English
Topic: Tudors
Session Type: Classroom-based

Historic Kitchen Staff at Hampton Court Palace prepare roast beef on the spit in early Summer 2016.

A Royal Christmas Celebration

Find out how Christmas was celebrated at Hampton Court Palace in the past.

Key Stage 1 and 2
Subject: History, English
Topic: Tudors, Stuarts, Victorians 
Session Type: Seasonal

The Kitchen Garden, looking south-east. Showing a flowerbed with summer planting along the pathway in the foreground and Hampton Court Palace behind the brick garden wall in the background.

Fit for a Queen

It's 1698 and William III and Mary II have designed a fashionable new Kitchen Garden!

Key Stage 1
Subjects: History, Science, Art, English
Topics: Stuarts
Session Type: Seasonal