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George III: Mind behind the Myth exhibition legacy

George III spent much of his time in isolation at Kew Palace while battling with his ill mental health. Today attitudes are changing, and conversations are taking place in the open. People are sharing their experiences to help change attitudes.

In 2020 Kew Palace held an exhibition, George III: The Mind Behind the Myth, which invited Londoners to share objects that represented their own mental health journeys. The 10 selected objects inspired thought, provoked discussion and allowed our visitors to reflect on how we think and talk about mental health today.

These objects told stories of breaking, coping, healing, and moving on.

The exhibition’s essence lives on in this series of films. Five lenders were interviewed about their object, the story behind it and their perspectives on mental health. These were filmed in March 2020, just days before the pandemic led to the first national lockdown in the UK.

Please be advised that these films contain themes around sexual abuse and suicide.

With one in four people in the UK affected by mental ill health during their lifetime, Historic Royal Palaces hopes this exploration will contribute to a national conversation aimed at destigmatising mental health.

Watch on Youtube

Our mental health journeys told in 10 objects

Teri Berkengoff's pin cushion: My mental health journey

Patrick Sandford's toy theatre: My mental health journey

Danielle Byl's teddy bear: My mental health journey

Lane Line's cross stitch: My mental health journey

Lucy Raemers's brother's skateboard: My mental health journey