Membership FAQs

Have a query about your membership? 

The latest information for our members during the Coronavirus pandemic can be found on our dedicated page.

For general membership queries, take a look through our list of frequently asked questions to see if your enquiry has been answered.

If not, we're here to help - please get in touch by using our Contact Us form on this website, or email [email protected]

Applying for Membership

I posted in my membership application and haven’t heard back yet, what shall I do?

If you posted your membership form to us recently and haven’t heard back from us, it is likely that it’s still being processed.  It can take up to 28 days to post your permanent card and membership pack.

If you plan to visit us before you receive your membership card, please email us at [email protected] to check the status of your application.  We can then let you know your membership number so you can book a visit before your card arrives.

Can I join if I live overseas?

If you're a non-UK resident with an overseas address it is still possible to purchase a membership in exactly the same way as a UK resident.  We are able to send out membership materials to international addresses but please do be aware that delivery times may be a little longer.

Please ensure you give us your email address when you join to ensure you are kept up to date about all your membership has to offer.

Do I have to name the adults on the membership?

Yes, joint and family memberships have to have a named second adult and only the named members are allowed to use the membership card. It is not an open membership and names are non-transferable.

If I buy a Joint membership, can the two named adults visit individually?

Yes, absolutely! There's no need to visit together each time.

Is there a Concession membership category?

Unfortunately we do not offer a Concession membership. If you are planning to visit frequently then you will still save money by purchasing a membership.

I need to visit the palaces with a carer, can I add one to my membership?

If you need to visit the palaces with a carer you are entitled to add a carer to your membership for free. This carer is not named and therefore can be different each time you visit. However, please be aware, your membership does not allow the carer to visit any of the palaces by themselves.

To add a carer to your membership, please contact the membership team by emailing [email protected]

How much money will I save in becoming a member?

By joining as a member, you’re immediately saving money. The cost of membership gives you free entry from the day you join as well as any future visits, as opposed to purchasing a ticket on each visit. 

If you join the membership scheme and pay by Direct Debit you will also receive an additional 3 months for free. Please note that this is an ongoing yearly payment and if you wish to not renew you need to let us know. The 3 months free offer is for the first year of membership only. To set up a Direct Debit you must use a UK Bank Account and have a UK address.

Family Membership 

What happens when my child reaches their 5th birthday?

Any child who is 5 years and above requires a palace ticket or can be added to a family membership. When children reach their 5th birthday you will be able to upgrade your membership to a family membership and simply pay the difference. This applies to joint membership holders as well.  Please notify us of this change in advance of your visit so we can update your membership and send you a new membership card.

I have a Family membership and one of my children will shortly be approaching their 16th birthday. What should I do?

Once your child has reached their 16th birthday they will no longer be covered by your Family membership, but they can of course purchase their own membership which will enable them to continue to enjoy the many benefits that membership brings.

Keeping Your Details Up To Date

How can I update my postal address details with you?

Please email [email protected] with your membership number, surname and the details of your new address.

I'm not receiving email updates from you at the moment.

We may need to update your email address on your record, or change your preferences to ensure you're receiving information from us regularly.

Please email [email protected] with your membership number and we can check this for you.

Member Benefits

Is the Magic Garden included in my membership?

Yes, entry to the Magic Garden is included in your membership when it is open.

Please remember that membership entitles only those named on the card to enter. Any additional or unnamed guests will be required to purchase additional tickets.

For more information about the Magic Garden, please see the Magic Garden FAQs

Why do I have to pay the Kew Gardens entry fee to get to Kew Palace?

Historic Royal Palaces only manage the building and its footprint. The gardens in the immediate environs of the palace and the surrounding Kew Gardens continue to be managed by a separate organisation - the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew. 

Unfortunately it is not possible to distinguish between those who would like to visit Kew Palace alone and those who would like to experience everything within the boundaries of the Gardens.

This means that those who wish to visit Kew Palace must pay an admission fee, payable to Kew Gardens.

Historic Royal Palaces’ members do receive 10% off the entrance fee to Kew Gardens, which can be used as many times as you like throughout the year.

Members can enter their exclusive promotional code on the Kew Gardens website to purchase tickets at the discounted rate. If you need the code, get in touch and our team can provide this.

* Please check the Kew Palace page of the website for the latest information regarding opening hours. 

Terms and Conditions

The purchase of a Historic Royal Palaces membership is subject to a set of Terms and Conditions which protect you as a member.

You can find the latest Terms and Conditions of Historic Royal Palaces membership at the following link:

Terms and Conditions

Upgrading your tickets

Already bought admission tickets? If so, you can upgrade them into membership on the same day of your visit or up to two weeks after the original date of purchase.

How to upgrade:

By email - download a membership form and send it to us at [email protected] with evidence of your ticket purchase (such as a picture of the tickets or your booking reference number)

By post - download a membership form and send the completed form with your tickets to:

Historic Royal Palaces
Hampton Court Palace
Apartment 26

Please note that only palace admission tickets bought directly from Historic Royal Palaces can be used to upgrade towards a membership, this excludes tickets from third party companies or for palace events. Tickets from multiple visits cannot be used.



How can I find out about becoming a Patron?

Annual support from patrons is invaluable in helping to ensure that we can give the palaces the care they deserve. Patrons of Historic Royal Palaces receive a number of exclusive benefits including unrestricted access to the palaces, invitations to openings, newsletters and much more. More information on becoming a patron

Become a patron


How can I make a donation?
If you’d like to make an individual donation, thank you. Please give as much, or as little as you like, and don’t forget to sign your Gift Aid Declaration. There are many projects that represent Historic Royal Palaces’ key principles of Guardianship, Discovery, Showmanship and Independence and these would not have been possible without support from individuals.

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Gift Aid

What is Gift Aid?

If you are a basic or higher rate UK taxpayer, the Gift Aid Scheme allows Historic Royal Palaces to reclaim a further 25p on every £1 of your membership. This really boosts our income – and doesn’t cost you a penny extra.

Gift Membership

What do I receive when I purchase a gift membership?

When you purchase a gift membership the buyer will receive a voucher for the membership within 10 days of purchase, along with a gift membership redemption form for you to give to your chosen recipient.

When the recipient redeems the membership they will then receive a membership card in the post.

How can I pay for my gift membership?

You can pay for your gift membership by cash or card. Unfortunately, you cannot buy a gift membership via Direct Debit; this is because the bank account has to be in the name of the person on the membership.

Can I Gift Aid a gift membership?

Unfortunately, you cannot pledge Gift Aid on a gift membership payment. HMRC do not allow this because the donor is not directly donating their own money.

Can I upgrade my tickets to a gift membership?

Unlike regular memberships, you cannot use your tickets to upgrade to a gift membership.

Do members receive their 10% discount on gift membership sold in the shops?

No, this is exempt from a discount.

Where do you send the gift membership voucher?

Unless you would like the voucher to be sent directly to the recipient, we automatically send it to the buyer's address, to be presented to the recipient.

If you would like the membership to be sent directly to the recipient, you can let us know by sending their name and address to [email protected]

How long will it take to receive a gift membership?

We will process and send out your gift membership purchase within 10 working days.

For activating a gift membership, we will process and send out the membership card within 28 working days.

How can I redeem a gift membership?

If you’ve been given a gift membership, it can be activated any time up to twelve months after the date of purchase. The membership would then begin from the day it is activated.

The recipient would simply need to complete the redemption form and return it to the Freepost address on the back of the form.

Alternatively you can email [email protected] where our team will be happy to help.

Will you let me know when my membership is about to end?

After a year we will write to you, letting you know that your membership will expire shortly, and asking if you would like to renew it.

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Contact the Membership Team

If you have any further questions, please don't hesitate to get in contact with the membership team by emailing [email protected]

Historic Royal Palaces
Apartment 26
Hampton Court Palace