Online school sessions

Frequently asked questions

Frequently asked questions

  • Who will be running the sessions?

    We have partnered with Zoom Through History to host and deliver the sessions.

  • Can more than one class join a session?

    No, our sessions are designed to be interactive and we feel the quality of our sessions diminishes if we deliver to more than one class at a time. However we are able to deliver multiple sessions in a day so why not book a session for each class. 

  • What platforms are the sessions held on?

    Our sessions use Zoom. You do not need a Zoom account to take part, but you should ensure that your school network allows access to either of these platforms ahead of your session. 

  • What equipment will I need?

    Our sessions are interactive so it’s important that we can see and hear your class so you will need a working microphone and camera. and an interactive whiteboard with audio speakers so your class can see and hear us. 

  • How do we join the online session?

    You will be sent a meeting link to the email address of the Visit Organiser as supplied on your booking form. Check this inbox for a meeting invitation. This will be sent one week in advance. 

    On the day, you need to click the meeting link and the session will open either in a browser window, or within the Zoom app if you have these installed on your computer. 

    It's always good to try out the meeting link ahead of your session if you can. Click the link and you will see a window open that says you are in a waiting room, waiting for the meeting organiser to let you in. If you get an error when you click the link, contact us. 

    Please don't share you link with anyone else or publish your link anywhere. If you think your meeting link has been compromised please let us know so we can reissue you a new meeting link. 

  • Do I need to download the Zoom desktop client to access the session?

    No, you don’t have to use the desktop client or app if these are not installed on your computer or device. You can open your session in a browser window. 

  • What should I do if my internet connection fails during the session?

    Follow the link we sent you again to re-enter the session. If you’re still unable to join back in, contact us. 

  • We can’t see or hear you.

    Your computer may have frozen. Try exiting the meeting and joining back in using the original link we sent you. 

    Check your computer audio controls aren’t on mute, or that headphones or another audio device aren’t plugged into the computer that might be interfering with the sound.  

    If you can hear us, but we’re crackly, send us a message in the chat and we will slow down or pause, it might be a slow internet connection. You might still need to exit the meeting and then join back in by following the link we sent you. 

  • When playing the videos, the picture and sound are out of sync or the video keeps buffering.

    Let us know in the chat area that this is happening and we can pause the video and try and restart it. If the issue persists, we can send you a link to the video on YouTube to try loading yourself or we can switch to a lower-tech approach using a PowerPoint presentation. 

  • Unrecognised attendee

    If you see someone you don't know join our session at any time please tell the facilitator immediately so we can remove them from the session. 

  • Will our session be filmed?

    We will not film any of our sessions. If you would like to film the session for safeguarding reasons only we ask that you notify us first. Filming our sessions for any other reason is not permitted.  

    Safeguarding at Historic Royal Palaces