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Outreach performances for schools

Frequently asked questions

Frequently asked questions

We have partnered with theatre company Scary Little Girls who will deliver your day.

Our outreach shows are being provided to schools free of charge. However, if you cancel with 42 days or less notice you will be charged a cancellation fee. This fee is 50% (£350 + admin fee) of the show delivery cost for a cancellation with 42-15 days notice and 70% (£500 + admin fee) of the show cost for bookings with 14 days or less notice.

Our outreach show is delivered as a limited tour over set dates. Rather than having an open booking system we have an application form that you will need to download and email to [email protected]. We will notify successful schools by email. We operate on first come, first served basis. We will notify successful schools by email. 

We will deliver the show to 10 schools per tour. If we have more applications than shows we will prioritise schools that:

  • Have the largest student audiences for the show – we want out show to be enjoyed by as many students as possible!
  • Have above average number of students receive pupil premium.
  • Have above average numbers of EAL learners.

We will bring our show to Nottinghamshire, Leicestershire and Derbyshire secondary schools only. Unfortunately, we are unable to offer this to schools further afield at present.

The performance will last approximately 45 minutes . Please allow time in between performances for students to leave, enter and settle in the space.

Yes! Our show is designed to be watched by an entire year group of up to 250 learners in one go and we will ideally have 3 performances within a day. The bigger the audience the better!

The show will take place in your school. We recommend booking out your school hall for the day to accommodate us or a similar room.

We will need to create a blackout in the performance space as there are projections in the show.

We will need access to several plug sockets for an LED lighting rig and PA system, or access to your own lighting rig and PA system.

We will work with you to create a timetable that fits with your school day. Each of our shows last 45 minutes and we like to allow extra time to move students in and out of the space. We also need to give our actors a break in between shows.

Yes, we can deliver up to three shows in one school day so we can work with three different year groups or sets of students.

Yes. Whilst the performers are DBS checked, for an audience of this size, each class will need a teacher to supervise them throughout the performance.

The show has been designed to support a range of curriculum areas across Key stage 3. This performance links directly to the history curriculum, but can also be used to explore PSHE topics, to inspire creative writing in English and as a stimulus for devising in Drama.

We will send you a pack of additional resources that you can use with your students to support the planning of your preparation/follow up lessons. These resources will support PSHE, English, Drama and History lessons.

We will not film or photograph any of our sessions unless we have previously confirmed this with you. Filming our sessions for any reason is not permitted. 


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