Five brilliant history resources for exploring the past

Learning about history doesn't need to be boring. Our online resources will take you on an adventure into the past, wherever you are in the world.  

Here are five top history resources that will keep your kids learning AND smiling while you're staying home together. Parental participation optional! 

1. Game: Undercover Time Explorer

Step into the shoes of a Tudor servant and help to plan a feast for Henry VIII. But be careful! You must avoid being caught as an imposter.

Suitable for primary school students.

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2. Game: Story Shuffle

The history of the Tower of London has been jumbled up. Unscramble the stories and find out when in history they took place.

Suitable for primary school students, in particular Key Stage 2.

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3. Fun Kids: Locked Up in The Tower of London

Explore 1,000 years of history at the Tower of London in this Fun Kids podcast series, complete with colourful animations and fascinating facts about the Tower.

Suitable for Key Stage 2 primary school students. 

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4. Video series: Tracey Tooley Investigates... Henry VIII

Join intrepid reporter Tracey Tooley in this Tudor-tastic video series, and investigate what really drove England’s most infamous monarch, King Henry VIII!

Suitable for secondary students, in particular Key Stage 3. 

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5. Video series: The Scoop!

Welcome to The Scoop! Join Jezebel Factsman and her team of historical experts to uncover how the Normans constructed the White Tower in this fact-finding and myth-busting series.

Designed to support students studying the Norman Conquest as part of the GCSE AQA syllabus.

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