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Coronation Learning Resources



Primary Learning Resources

These resources have been designed to be taught in sequence, beginning with the Assembly, but could equally work as standalone lessons.

Assembly: What is a Coronation?

Portrait of Elizabeth I in her coronation regalia.

What is a Coronation?

Explore the significance of the Coronation as an important historical and national event and find out about the key rituals and symbols which take centre stage in the Coronation ceremony.

What is a Coronation?

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Coronation Values & Symbols: The Coronation as a moment of change (History/Citizenship)

Coronation Values & Symbols

Explore the Coronation of Queen Elizabeth II as a moment of transition and reflect on the values which were important for her throughout her reign. What has changed, and what are young people’s hopes for the future in the reign of King Charles III?

Coronation Values & Symbols

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Coronation Symbols: How are objects used as symbols in the Coronation ceremony? (History/Art & Design)

Portrait of Elizabeth I to commemorate the defeat of the Spanish Armada.

Coronation Symbols

Explore the language of symbolism and investigate how symbols have been used by monarchs throughout the ages in art, portraiture and in the Coronation ceremony. Develop your own symbols to represent the core values which young people feel are most relevant for Britain today.


The Princes in the Tower

Murdered or survived – what happened to Edward and his younger brother Richard?

Thomas Cromwell

The life and death of Henry VIII’s 'most faithful servant'

Anne of Cleves

Henry VIII's wife number four, but so much more