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Corporate sponsorship

Partner with us on a major project or event

Partner with us on a major project or event

Historic Royal Palaces has a proven track record of producing outstanding exhibitions and awe-inspiring events that have a national and international reach.

We have only two major partnership opportunities per year – usually a flagship event or exhibition at Kensington Palace and another bespoke opportunity. Our partners enjoy a brand alignment that achieves huge exposure to the public, visibly supporting a sector-leading cultural organisation with global recognition.

Our sponsors benefit from best-in-class corporate entertainment opportunities, going behind the scenes of the palaces and enjoying private tours of the exhibition. These money-can’t-buy experiences are complemented by drinks receptions or dinner parties in some of most exclusive spaces in the palaces.

Contact us

Lucy Barnes
Corporate Partnerships Manager

[email protected]

Immersive exhibitions at Kensington Palace

Kensington Palace hosts an annual rolling exhibition programme, which has housed some of the most exciting and widely acclaimed exhibitions for Historic Royal Palaces over the past ten years. The most recent, 'Crown to Couture', saw a total of 381,000 visitors through its doors and a further reach of 6.6 million across Historic Royal Palaces and Kensington Palace channels.

Kensington Palace is an incredible place to entertain guests and dive behind the scenes, experiencing private exhibition tours of uncovering the extraordinary history of the palace. Becoming an exhibition partner is the perfect way to unlock these exclusive opportunities.

Wedding guests sitting on one long table in the King's Gallery for dinner.
The Tower Moat, showing an aerial view of the "Beyond the Deepening Shadow" installation and surrounding lit-up city skyline.

“Beyond the Deepening Shadow: The Tower Remembers” was a public act of remembrance to commemorate the centenary of the end of the First World War.

Each evening from 4 to 11 November 2018 the Tower moat was illuminated by 10,000 individual flames. The artistic installation included an exploration in sound of wartime alliances, friendship, love and loss. Beginning with a procession led by the Yeoman Warders, Armistice torches were lit to form a circle of light radiating from the Tower. A symbol of remembrance for the hundreds of thousands who died in the Great War.

Our pedigree

We have extensive experience delivering high profile, high impact events and projects that attract huge audiences and provide one-of-a-kind experiences for our partners.

In November 2018, to mark 100 years since the end of the First World War, The Tower of London commemorated with a special moat installation Beyond the Deepening Shadow.

In just one week the installation was visited by 315,000 people on Tower Hill and in the moat itself. It received front page coverage on four national newspapers and a UK media reach of 170 million. Our partners and supporters received a package of privileged access to the installation and a truly unique experience for this spectacular event.

Education partnerships

Each year, over 180,000 school children visit the palaces in our care. We exist to inspire the next generation to engage with the history on their doorstep, and to support and enable access for everyone.

We are actively seeking partners who can help us broaden our impact into hard-to-reach communities and schools, targeting disadvantaged children to get access to educational resources and visits they would otherwise never have the opportunity to learn from.

If you are looking to invest in a community or education programme, or have a fledgling programme of your own, we'd love to hear how we can work together to change the lives and perceptions of children across the UK.

Students from William Edwards Primary School taking part in a learning session during a visit to Kensington Palace.


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